Welcome to Firecast Fireplaces.  Our pre-cast fireplaces have been increasing the efficiency of wood burning stoves and enjoyment of conventional fireplaces for over 10 years.

There is nothing like the look and feel of a wood burning fireplace.  Firecast Fireplaces want to ensure your wood burning fireplace continues to give you lasting enjoyment with safe and efficient heat.  Unlike other fireplace inserts, the Firecast system is made of high-temperature, refractory materials that turn your inefficient conventional fireplace into a cost-saving, clean burning, safe, heat source.  The Firecast System “air-to-flue ratio” is that of a woodstove meaning more heat, less fuel, less smoke.

The Benefits of owning a Firecast Fireplace are:

  • Easy to install; will retrofit to any size fireplace firebox
  • Made with premium grade refractory cement, since 1981.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced to as much 50%.                      
  • Heating bills can be drastically reduced                                            
  • System is designed to maximize thermal & aerodynamic performance and combustion
  • Wood burns down to a powder ash
  • Smoke Free
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Made in British Columbia, Canada   

Don’t have a chimney but want the cozy atmosphere of a wood fireplace?  No problem.  We have just the right product for you too.

Did You Know?

Efficiency is the main difference between a gas fireplace and the Firecast fireplace.

A Firecast Fireplace will easily heat a 1000 sqft room.

Most gas units will only produce a small amount of heat, but The Firecast will typically reach and maintain temperatures of 1300° C (900° F), with virtually total combustion.   

The Firecast fireplace is more efficient than a conventional brick fireplace.

The Firecast firebox is a better choice than a site built masonry fireplace.  The design and materials raise the firebox temperatures far exceeding a laid up firebrick firebox. The fact that an 8" diameter pipe can be installed onto the cast smoke chamber is a real asset in chimney restoration or repair.